Polish Equine Veterinary Association: Polish Equine Veterinary Practitioners Congress

Polish Equine Veterinary Association Congress:

12-14th October

The Polish Equine Veterinary Practitioners Congress, organised by the Polish Equine Veterinary Association and the Polish Jockey Club, takes place in Warsaw from 12th-14th October. Click for details of the programme, and speakers.

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IEVA Conference 2023

IEVA Conference 2023: Save the Date

Join us for IEVA23 at the Slieve Russell Hotel in Co. Cavan from 23 to 25 November 2023.

Spectacular location. Spectacular scientific programme.

Something for everyone in equine practice, including Nursing and Student streams.

Find all the answers at IEVA23!

Radiology of the Equine Foot

Radiology of the Equine Foot by Michaël Dancot: 2 hr Video presentation 

Speaker: Michaël Dancot

  • Graduated from the University of Liege in 2008. Practicing only in the field of locomotor pathology for 12 years.
  • ISELP certification in 2019.
  • Ending a ECVDI-LA alternative program at the University of Liège.

Presentation :

  • Foot radiograph is very often performed but still can be challenging. The goal of the presentation is to bring an answer to the following question: Is it still useful to perform foot radiographs in 2023. With the growing availability of equine standing MRIs, should we continue to do radiographs?
  • Spoiler alert: to me the answer is YES and I explain why in the presentation.

Content of the presentation :

  • radiographic anatomy
  • radiographic technique
  • browsing the most common lesions based on real-life cases
  • what about the other modalities?

The idea of the video presentation is to give you the opportunity to look carefully at the radiographs (by having the possibility to pause the video) before getting an answer. This way you can be more involved in the imaging thinking process and train yourselves live!

Price : 85 euros excluding VAT

Duration of the presentation : 2 hours

Date the video will be available : Thursday the 23rd of February 8 PM

Q&A session : questions should be sent by email before Wednesday the 1st of April and will be included in an illustrated video session available Thursday the 2nd of April. Questions which will come after this date will be replied to by personal email.

If you are interested in this presentation and would like to subscribe please email  info@vetdancot.com and be sure to include the following information: Last Name, First Name, Address, VAT number (if applicable), email address.

The Donkey Sanctuary Ireland

The Donkey Sanctuary Ireland: A Practical Reference Guide

The Donkey Sanctuary Ireland have together a practical health and welfare reference guide to help vets, nurses, and attending welfare / agricultural colleagues to manage donkeys and their care effectively. The guide homes in on the areas that are differential to other equines; in that respect it is useful for non-donkey specialists at all levels. The Donkey Academy is also a fantastic resource offering free training resources and is being added to all the time.

The Donkey Sanctuary Ireland: Practical Health & Welfare Guide

Grad Track Graduate Programme

GradTrack is a joint collaborative programme designed by SPVS and VDS Training, consisting of specialized workshops to help equip graduates with the tools and knowledge to develop their non-clinical skills. Being an effective veterinary practitioner requires satisfying a range of stakeholders we come into contact with as part of our daily work, including our patients, clients, employers, colleagues and ourselves.

Whilst you may not believe it yet, a lack of clinical knowledge and skill isn’t what causes vets the most ‘stress’ during their career – it is gaps in non-clinical skills. GradTrack is a unique course created to address these gaps from the outset of your career, equipping you to purposefully pursue the breadth of outcomes required to become a successful veterinary practitioner.

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Veterinary Practice

Balance and Boundaries in General Equine Practice:

It is important to find a good work–life balance, and to put boundaries in place to ensure one doesn’t encroach on the other.

Click below to read the full article on the Veterinary Practice website, an online knowledge and information hub for veterinary professionals across all specialties.

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Association Of Racecourse Veterinarians UK: Mentoring Programme

Association Of Racecourse Veterinarians UK: Mentoring Programme

The ARVS UK are introducing a mentoring programme, whereby vets wanting to come into racing, attend race meetings shadowing a senior veterinary surgeon for a number of meetings, prior to attending CMS. The ARVS are looking for:

  1. Mentors: Experienced racecourse vets at courses all over the UK to act as mentors.
  2. Mentees: Applications from vets wanting to join the mentoring scheme prior to beginning racing work.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor or joining the programme as a mentee, please see below for further details.

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American Association of Equine Practitioners

American Association of Equine Practitioners: Podcasts

Are you curious about the ins and outs of owning a veterinary practice? This month the American Association of Equine Practitioners Practice Life podcast host Dr. Mike Pownall talks with practice owner veterinarians across North America about the whys and hows of owning a single and multiple-doctor veterinary practice.

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